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Cybersecurity Virtual Student Competition Mapped to the NICE Framework
In support of National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, please join
the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education and Cal Poly’s
California Cybersecurity Institute for an overview of the California Cyber
Innovation Challenge(CCIC) built on the NICE Framework. This 30-minute
session will provide a virtual tour of the 3D immersive competition
environment as well as allow students to participate in a cyber-space
challenge mapped to NICE Framework K0305: Knowledge of encryption
algorithms, stenography, and other forms of data concealment.
Additionally, students will be introduced to the Interplanetary Internet
and the convergence of space and cybersecurity.

About the CCIC:
The California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCI) is the cybersecurity
championship for the State of California. The CCIC 2020 consisted of 78
teams (over 400 students) from both middle and high school. The 2020
competition featured a virtual-immersive environment on Cal Poly’s
digital range. Students responded to a fictional storyline of a satellite that
was hacked and fell to Earth. Participants will engage in a 3D immersive
environment featuring multiple space-themed set designs to solve the
cyber mystery of how the satellite was hacked based on the NICE
Framework. Next year, this competition will be opened up to other states
and countries. For more information, please contact Henry Danielson


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