Dr. Rey Weymann and Dr. Timothy LaSalle on Climate Change - Shared screen with speaker view
Dan Cook
The host has different options than participants
Yael Gott
Please address the huge negative impact of meat production
Alice Reinheimer
How can we incentiveize farmers in the US to switch to living soils? Is there a political route you suggest?
Thomas Comar
Thank you for this informative presentation and will I be able to send to everyone I know.
Ken Dunkley
Do you think the recent oil price fall will undermine progress of conversion to renewable energy?
Ken Hill
One worry is that renewable energy will just be additive for increased economic growth. Comments? Some advocate for 10 or 20 year legislative hard cap at well heads with mitigation of economic impacts.
Thomas Comar
Also, I assume we should be mulching and just pouring on our property and working in even if we are not gardening???
Thomas Comar
In Atascadero if we have land we cut the grass down and we just leave the cut grass on the land. Is this what we should do?
Carol Ann Jones
How are weeds controlled with no-till farming?
Thomas Comar
Buying from local organic farms and getting farm boxes a better way to go?
Lyle & Judy Yager
First, I want to check my understanding to see if I have this right.When sunlight hits the Earth, some of that energy is transformed to infrared light which is reflected back to the atmosphere, but some of that energy hits GHG molecules and is absorbed. This absorbed light is then reemitted in exactly the same frequency, and about half of this is sent back toward Earth and half back into space.Does that make sense? Do I have this right?If so, can we measure the extra energy, in that frequency, that reaches Earth? Can we also measure the amount of energy that is released back to space?
Christian Cueto
I've heard that mining and processing for the materials required to manufacture electric vehicle batteries is also very harmful for the environment. 1- is that true? 2- how could we avoid this?
Ken Dunkley
Should kitchen waste recycling be a service we demand of our city waste system, like done in the UK, etc.? Reduce methane from land-fills...?
Rogan T
Will painting roofs white —and refection things of that sort—have any significant effect on climate?
Yael Gott
Thank you so much - very relevant and well presented